kim boii lee Welcome to my blog! My blog is full of pretty animals, fashion trends, and scenery. I've been getting some ideas to try out lately and definitely will get to them when i can! I promise! I have so many plans for this blog. BUT its a surprise. so.. i hope you guys follow and stick around. Most importantly i hope you guys love this blog!

NOTE: I work and attend school 0: but I try my best to have time for my followers!

Also i would love to have honest opinions about me, my blog,or anything I post. Need or want to ask me a question? Just hit the ask button and I will gladly answer when i can!

ANOTHER NOTE: Please please please don't waste mine or your precious time with mean, immature, nasty insults because I will not tolerate it .

UPDATE NOV. 23, 2011: Alright so I will start doing my ideas around December or January. You guys really need to stick around because I will be doing tons of stuff for my followers! loll. None of that promotion. ACTUAL STUFF! :D
--XOXO kimberly :3